At the heart of the world


Founded in 1825, On the Croix Rousse hill, about ten women working in a weaving workshop follow a rule of life.

They ask Father POUSSET to accompany them...

After having reflected before God and before the Holy Family, for whom he had a special devotion, Father POUSSET wrote the first rule, which was given to the first seven novices on the eve of Pentecost, May 21, 1825.

"The great advantage of your institution is that it is founded on humility and has almost nothing in common in appearance, that it is especially dedicated to honoring this hidden and laborious life to which Our Lord has given so much preference, by giving it so much of the time He had spent on earth.”

(First rule)

The Congregation then had its headquarters at rue des Chartreux, at the Croix Rousse.

The "Canuts Revolt" in Lyon destabilized the Congregation that was moving towards other activities, especially schools.

The second rule of life was written, approved in 1852.

"While maintaining as much as possible your first spirit of simplicity, we believe that Providence asks you to lend yourself, in these times, to the needs of the Church and the needs of your neighbor"

Over the years, communities opened in about ten departments in the Central-East; activities were diversified.

1857: Due to the increase in the number of religious sisters, the Congregation set up its headquarters at Rue DEBROUSSE in Lyon.

Like all Congregations in France, the Mother House of the Holy Family of Lyon was requisitioned as an "ambulance" during the wars of 1870 and 1914-1918.

With the Second Vatican Council, the Congregation saw its aggiornamento.

In the 1970 Constitutions, we read:

"We hope to be able to say a little that God loves each man as he is, where

he is, and thus his whole existence, however banal and ordinary it may be,

has an infinite and irreplaceable value. »

In the years 1982 to 2000, the Congregation sought opportunities for a rapprochement with other Congregations, but without success.

The Congregation participated in the project to build an Inter-congregational EHPAD"Accueil des BUERS" that opened in Villeurbanne in 2008.

2009: Transfer of the Mother House from Rue Debrousse in Lyon to Sainte Foy-Les-Lyon.

Today: 12 sisters; one of whom works professionally.

The other sisters render services, mainly in pastoral care, either at school or in the parish.

All of them are now in two Dioceses: Lyon and Saint Etienne.