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A few months ago, a Congregation solicited our Province requesting to be aggregated to our Congregation. This kind of approach is not unusual at this time. Congregations, diminishing in numbers, seek to be connected to a larger Congregation so as to remain within a broader context of Religious Life. Canon 580 provides this aggregation status:

«The aggregation of one institute of consecrated life to another is reserved to the competent authority of the aggregating institute; the canonical autonomy of the aggregated institute is always to be preserved. »

The HOLY FAMILY OF LYON Congregation, having 12 Sisters who live n the departments of the Rhône and the Loire, requested this of our Province.

As a Council, we met all of the Sisters, and also met to share with the Holy Family Council: the Superior General, Sr. Marie-Jean PLESSIS and her two Councilors. We have become better acquainted with this Congregation, their history, and actual situation.

As the Provincial Council of Europe, we agree to move forward on this path of aggregation and have referred it to the General Council.

We have mentioned some possible initiatives of encounter and of mutual support, but all this needs to be gradually built, and each of us will participate in this construction. First, those who live near-by these Sisters, and all of us, through prayer, can be involved in accompanying this step.