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Felices Pascuas - 18

Joyeuses Pâques - 18

Happy Easter - 18

Feliz fiesta de San José

Bonne fête de Saint Joseph

Happy Feast of St. Joseph

Happy Women's Day

Joyeuse journée de la femme

Feliz año nuevo

Bonne année

Happy New Year - 2018

Feliz Navidad

joyeux Noël

Merry Christmas

Una oraciónconmemorativa

Una oraciónconmemorativa

El 25 de octubre de 2017 se llevó a cabo, en FatimaCollege, una celebración en memoria de Sor Anne Xavier. Las Hermanas, el personal, las estudiantes y las ex-alumnas de SJL, en particular quienes tuvieron lazos estrechos con Sor Anne Xavier, participaron en ella.

Comenzamos la celebración con una invocación Bhajan, cantada en tamil, que nos puso en un ambiente solemne y sereno. El coro del Colegio cantó himnos en tamil y en inglés que emocionaron a los participantes.

Tres personas dieron su testimonio: Sor M. Francisca Flora, Secretaria del Colegio, la Srita. SeethaKrishnamurthy, alumna de la generación 1969-1971 y la Srita. Julie, una amiga cercana de Sor Anne Xavier y ex-alumna de FatimaCollege. Los sentimientos sinceros y los recuerdos afectuosos expresados hacia Sor Anne Xavier, pusieron en evidencia su fogosidad, su entrega, su amor y su compromiso en su ministerio. Todas ellas recordaron, con agradecimiento, su dedicación a la música en FatimaCollege. Su preocupación por los enfermos, los deprimidos, los lisiados y los necesitados se manifestaba a través de sus visitas, regulares, a domicilio, como lo subrayó la Srita. Seetha.

La celebración terminó con el himno del Colegio: “Un grupo feliz de lejos y de cerca”, un texto al que le puso música NUESTRA MUY AMADA Sor Anne Xavier.






Memorial Service

Memorial Service 

A Memorial Service celebrating the life of Rev. Sr. Anne Xavier and praying for her noble soul was held in Fatima College Chapel on 25.10.2017 at 4.00 p.m. SJL sisters, staff, students and the alumnae especially those who shared close ties with Rev. Sr. Anne Xavier partook in the memorial service.

An invocation Bhajan in Tamil, sung initially set the solemn and serene tone of the Service. The gathering was introduced to the intention of the memorial service and to Rev. Sr. Anne Xavier. The hymns sung in Tamil and English by the college choir elevated the spirits of the gathered to a greater plane.

Heartfelt tributes were paid by Rev. Dr. Sr. M. Francisca Flora, The Secretary of the college, by Ms. Seetha Krishnamurthy, of the 1969-1971 batch and Ms. Julie, a close friend of Sr. Anne Xavier and a former student of Fatima. Their genuine feelings and fond remembrances of Sr. Anne Xavier brought to the fore her high spiritedness, dedication, love and commitment to the ministry to which she has responded to. All the three of them gratefully recollected her contributions to music at Fatima. Her concern for the sick and depressed manifested in her regular home visits to the infirm and the needy as shared by Ms. Seetha. The Service came to an end with the serenade of the college song, “A Happy Band From Far and Near”., yet another song set to tune by Our beloved Sr. Anne Xavier.






Un service commémoratif

Un service commémoratif

Une célébration en mémoire de Sr Anne Xavier fut célébré le 25 octobre 2017 à la chapelle de Fatima Collège.  Les sœurs, le personnel, les étudiantes ainsi que les anciennes élèves de SJL, en particulier celles qui ont partagé des liens étroits avec Sr Anne Xavier, ont participé à ce service.

Nous avons commencé la célébration par une invocation Bhajan, chantée en tamoul, qui nous a mises dans une ambiance solennelle et sereine. Le chœur du Collège a chanté les hymnes en tamoul et en anglais et a ému les participantes.

              Trois personnes ont donné leurs témoignages : Sr. M. Francisca Flora, Secrétaire du Collège, Mlle Seetha Krishnamurthy, élève du groupe 1969-1971 et Mlle Julie, une amie proche de Sœur Anne Xavier et une ancienne étudiante de Fatima. Les sentiments sincères et les souvenirs très affectueux exprimés pour Sœur Anne Xavier ont mis en évidence sa fougue, son dévouement, son amour, et son engagement dans son ministère. Elles ont toutes rappelé, avec reconnaissance, son engagement pour la musique à Fatima. Sa préoccupation pour les malades, les déprimés, les infirmes et les nécessiteux se manifestait par ses visites régulières à domicile, tel que l’a souligné Mlle Seetha.

             Le service s’est terminé avec le chant du collège : "Un groupe heureux de loin et de près", un texte : mis en musique par NOTRE BIENAIMÉE Sœur Anne Xavier.





Dia de los fundadores

Fête des fondateurs

Founder's Day

Nuevo Consejo

El 31 de julio, rodeadas de muchas hermanas de la Provincia Europa, celebramos nuestra acción de gracias por la misión del Consejo General y del Consejo de la Provincia Europa que concluyeron su servicio. También oramos juntas por los nuevos consejos.

Les agradecemos todos los testimonios enviados de diversas maneras, manifestando su “presencia” en este momento de transición. En la Eucaristía de ese día, presentamos al Señor, la misión de la Congregación, iluminadas por los textos de la liturgia de San Ignacio de Loyola.

El 2 de agosto, Rita, María Elena y Cecily “volaron” hacia sus países de origen: una vez más, a cada una de ustedes, les decimos ¡gracias! con mucho cariño por su trabajo y les deseamos lo mejor en su nueva misión.



Nouveau conseil

Le 31 juillet, entourées d’un bon nombre de Sœurs de la Province d’Europe, nous avons célébré l’action de grâces pour la mission du Conseil général et du Conseil provincial sortants et avons prié pour les nouveaux Conseils.

Nous vous remercions pour tous les témoignages envoyés de diverses façons, manifestant votre « présence » en ce temps de passage : c’est la mission de toute la Congrégation que nous avons présentée au Seigneur dans l’Eucharistie de ce jour, aidées par les textes de la liturgie de la fête de St Ignace de Loyola.

Le 2 août, Rita, Maria Elena et Cécily se sont « envolées » vers leur pays d’origine : nous leur renouvelons un chaleureux merci pour leur mission et leur souhaitons une bonne nouvelle mission.




New Council

On the 31st of July, surrounded by a good number of Sisters of the Province of Europe, we celebrated with gratitude the mission of the outgoing General and Provincial Councils and prayed for the new Council

We thank you for all the wishes sent in various ways, manifesting your "presence" at this time of passage: it is the mission of the whole Congregation that we presented to the Lord in the Eucharist today, aided by the texts of the liturgy of St Ignatius.

On 2 August, Rita, Maria Elena and Cecily  "flew" to their country of origin: we thank them for their services and wish abundant blessings in their future mission.






Congratulations Dear Sisters!!!




ILAC meeting

ILAC Meeting at the Generalate in Lyon

September 6th to the 9th


ILAC Meeting at the Generalate in Lyon

September 6th to the 9th


For several years, the General Councils of Lyon, Annecy and Chambéry have met on a regular basis every year and a half and this year, we were delighted to welcome the General Council of the Institute.  This gathering offers us much enrichment as we listen to one another’s efforts and vision in leading larger or smaller groups of Sisters missioned in the various countries.

We spent time in sharing the “Order of the House”, that is to say certain aspects of the life of our different Congregations and reflecting on the presentation of Sr. Márian Ambrosio at the UISG : “Weaving Solidarity for Life
– Living and Witnessing as Women Religious of Apostolic Life”.

Volunteer in Mission from USA - India




Inter Cultural Experience from USA to India

I must thank you greatly for the experience that we had, it was incredible. We are satisfied and happy in every way possible. So many different families have touched our hearts and we learned so much about true humbleness and simplicity.

There was genuine love and care from every single person we met, sisters, fathers, and the families in the villages. Truly we had never felt so welcomed at a place before or felt such genuine love from complete strangers.

We have heard so many heart breaking stories from the different families but our hearts were re-built with all the love each family had for each other.. Truly we had come with the initial intentions of service and experience and it was definitely more experience than service, but I think we learned that showing love and care as well as smiling is as much service as we could do for these people.

The work your community does is amazing and truly what is needed. My friend and I hope to continue connections and begin some form of more help to the communities and the people they help.

Truly thank you again for helping us, it was an incredible experience, and I could not have come back more happy or filled with love. it was exactly what we were looking for.   Many blessings and love,  Isabel


Summer Camp at Karlovy Vary

Summer Camp at Karlovy Vary

Summer Camp at Karlovy Vary

The community of Karlovy Vary opened its doors for the summer camp program for the English language club for children from August 15th to the 17th 2016. This club was organized by the NGO Cesky Zapad in Dobra Voda where Jasleen ministers. In this past academic year, a group of 13 students joined the club and had three days to practice their language, which enabled them to score high marks in their yearly performance. Their parents and language teachers were happy and are looking forward to the same in the future.

The purpose of this summer camp was to reward the children’s efforts in their studies, to encourage them to be more interested in their future education, to learn how to live in intercultural groups, to experience life in town since they come from the interior village and to receive faith formation.

Various programs were offered: Children’s film "On the Secret Life of Pets", a visit to the zoo park, campfire, games and swimming. We were surprised by the children’s spontaneous evening prayers.

Final Vows




This is the day that the Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!!

Yes!! June 26, 2016 was Sr. Swapna Devassia's and Sr. Joisy Sebastian's unique day, designed specially for them by our Loving Lord. After long, bumpy, testing and tiresome rides they have ultimately reached their destination. Beaming with thousand watts smiles, clad in new saffron sarees, neatly broached with a beautiful red rose placed on a tiny bed of leaves, with trails of flowers in one hand and candle in the other they eagerly awaited to be wedded to our Lord. Parents, members of the congregation, neighbouring nuns, friends and relatives had gathered to witness this awesome union.


Tamil, Malayalam and English resounded in the form of introduction, Bible readings and hymns in this Multilingual Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Madurai Diocese, The Most Rev. Anthony Pappusamy and concelebrated by three more priests including his secretary. Devotion, happiness and enthusiasm resonated in the voices of Sr. Swapna and Sr. Joisy as they formally  requested  the church to enable them be a part of the congregation and resolved the same. Gleefully, Sr. Emily, the Indian Provincial and her council accepted them into their fold and declared them to be members of the SJL congregation.

Heaves of muffled sighs from sources unknown could be heard when suddenly a warm drop of tear touched my cheeks. First of its kind in such an occasion I wondered!

Is it because I am dazed at the unconditional sacrifice made by their parents and family members?

Or is it one of happiness as I, Sr. Joisy's class teacher for three years, have witnessed her beautifully grow in the SJL garden.Thereafter, have known of her serious and rigorous preparations for the final vows with her loving, caring and understanding companion Sr. Swapna.

Or, is it because now I  can comprehend and experience well the joy of seeing the congregation grow despite the hard times encountered by the vocation promoters?

Or is it because I can visualize Fr. Medaille and Mother St. John Fontbonne smiling with contentment and pride at their newly born daughters and the elder ones alike?

Whatever it may be .. One thing was for sure... Sr. Swapna and Sr. Joisy were ready for a flight into this turbulent world to proclaim God's word and to share His outpouring love that they are brimming with now. Praying that they continue the mission upholding the charism of the congregation and that they replenish themselves  during times of need from the same source that they have presently been lead to, I left the place.

God bless with the same fervour and enthusiasm now and forever!!!!!

Mrs.Kala Albert, Associate.

Pilgrimage towards the Sources


July 6, 2016: Oriented towards the Essential of My Life


The Indian Province led the opening prayer. Life is a gift offered to everyone to be lived fully to glorify God.  What a privileged moment to celebrate this life as an International body!

Sr.Regine Alauzen, CSJ Institute, moderated the day. Each shared her experience of God in small groups. It was a unique and rewarding experience.
Then Sr. Regineenlightened us through her personal experience. She stressed the importance of fraternal life in communities:  we are gathered in Christ's name. Community is God's plan for humanity and we are called to create community wherever we are and through all that we do. The community gathering is a sign.

It is thus that the charism of communion is lived today!


July 5,2016:

The Province of Europe conducted the prayer with the theme « we are of one body with different parts ».

We continued the presentation of the Provinces/Regions (Mexico, Europe, Nava Jeevan, Lebanon, Anglo/Irish and also shared about Ghana, Republic Czech during the morning session. We were touched by the presence of our sisters in various fields who manifest God’s love to people in their area.

In reality, sisters in many countries face obstacles and difficulties but are very courageous and hopeful.We as one body working for the One who has called us.

We hope the future generation will continue the mission.


Pilgrimage to the sources - July 4,2016

We are 43 participants and the General Council members. Sr. Catherine BARANGE, the General Superior welcomed us for this international gathering and expressing her joy for this important event in the life of the congregation. This is a time for reflection and renewal, a time of adventure in revisiting our sources. We have already started living a very deep cultural experience bathed in the culture of St. Joseph. Coming from different cultures, we enter this multicultural reality. When we begin to judge the differences of another, it is time to begin dialoguing.  May our gathering be a time of renewing our fidelity to the charism for the Glory of God.

Then we were led into prayer and reflection. We were asked to write what is important to each of us at this stage of our life and time. After writing, we symbolically placed these intentions by the fountain, the source, a beautiful decor in the room.

In the afternoon, we had small group sharing, to get to know one another and to express how we see religious life today. This sharing was most enriching for everyone.

We then began presenting the different Provinces/Regions- Burkina Faso, Egypt and India: with photos, role-play...

The day ended with the Eucharistic celebration.




Pilgrimage towards sources- International Session at Lyon

From 4 to 15 July


Justice and Peace in Egypt


World Day of Peace in Minya


World Day of Peace in Minya

The Justice and Peace Commission had a wonderful celebration under the auspices of Bishop Peter Fahim on January 1, 2016.  Among participants were the Governor of Minya, security guards, Imams and priests, religious, monks and laity from the Christian communities.

Bishop Fahim welcomed everyone followed by songs and prayers from the Christian and Islamic tradition.

The Orthodox, Evangelical and Catholic Churches choses texts from the Bible focusing on peace and on Christ: through his person, Christ brings peace and invites us to be peacemakers, to spread the peace that comes from God and flows from justice.

The Imam introduced the concept of peace in the Holy Koran and how the Prophets recommended the deployment of peace.

The Governor urged Christians and Muslims to live together in peace, in our reality, which demands a personal and communal effort.

Bishop Fahim emphasized the importance of living in peace, each according to one’s faith and to be attentive to people around us.  He invited everyone to participate and to be in solidarity with the poor and to be attentive to all of God’s creatures.

Finally, a team of young Christians and Muslims presented an interactive theatre on the problem of daily work and the assembly participated in giving them some ideas of helping them.

We prayed together asking God’s blessing for our country so that we may continue to work together in achieving peace.

Associates Mexico


On January 27th,  ten former students of Fontbonne school, which  formerly belonged to the Sisters in Mexico City,

renewed their commitment as Associates.



On January 27th,  ten former students of Fontbonne school, which  formerly belonged to the Sisters in Mexico City,

renewed their commitment as Associates.

The Eucharistic celebration was held at Bethany-Pedregal,  the community of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon in Mexico City.
We join them in celebration through our prayer and affection.

Flow of Life in 2015



On the 14th of August 2015,

the eve of our Indian Independence Day,

we were pleased to be officially registered

as the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon

in Czech Republic.


Sr. Rathy in her ministry at Caritas.

Summer camp activities


It´s not gymnastics but community relaxation.

Every Roma child is baptized.

Here is the first group of children to receive their first Holy Communion.

Celebrating Christmas with our Basic Christian Community.

Cardinal Duka blesses our congregation in this Christmas season

EGC inagur

Inaguration of EGC Meeting

1st November - 2015


The opening of the Extended General Council meeting was held on the 1st of November at our Provincialate, Ananda Sadan, Bangalore, India. A traditional welcome was given to the EGC members by the sisters of the Indian province, bringing out the various cultural traditions of the nation. It was followed by the cultural event in which the different dances of India were depicted. At the end of the cultural programme, a meaningful prayer service was conducted inviting every  member to journey towards creating newer vision for newer horizons. Sr. Emily Joseph, the provincial of the Indian province gave the opening address, emphasising the purpose of the EGC meeting. The gathering came to its conclusion with a table fellowship, sponsored by our well-wisher Mr. and Mrs. Selvaraj. It was a purposeful and pulsating event.

north east

Great things grow from small beginnings

Sisters from Srikona, North East, India


We ,the sisters from st.joseph's convent, srikona, North East India  are here to share with you "How the great things grow from small beginnings". A year in North East have made us to realize that, the secret of frutifulness is to give generously and intentionally,visualizing God's blessings as we eagarly share what we have with Him and with others. We were happy to welcome our new community members Srs Sudha ,Jyothi and Sr Roseline who accompanied them.They reached our community on 6th of June.They had a warm welcoming ceremony by our open school students.We wish them to have fruitfull experience in this land.We were glad to have Sr Roseline with us for five days.During these days we had lot of sharing and discussion about broadening of our mission .To have a better community life Sr Daisy JOSEPH is being elected by the community members as the  co-ordinator .To mark this event ,we had a Eucharistic celebration and prayed for the blessings of God.The first community meeting was held in the presence of Sr Roseline and was annimated by Sr Daisy .We shared our community responsibilties.We are so greatful to Sr Roseline for her valuable presence. At present we have 20 students in our open school which includes 14 girls and 6 boys from different villages .Sr Daisy is the incharge person for these students.Srs Daisy ,Sudha and Jyothi are involed in teaching these students .They are the drop out students of different classes but now we train them to appear for the 10th std exam.These are the people who really need our support and encouragement to come up in their life.They are here with us as children who bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend. Since the students are staying with us we give them all round formation like value education , catechism ,health and hygine etc. We are indeed happy to say that our students who  had written their exams last year,12 of them  have passed with good marks and 6 of them have failed in one subject . We have planned to start our primary school classes from month of September . Sr Sudha will be the incharge person of the school and Sr Jyothi will assist her in the teaching .

Sr Sherly is the co-ordinator of the Diocessan social service society. she goes almost everyday to the center which is almost 14 kilometers from our residency and to  different villages to meet people. In month of June Srs Sherly and Jyothi along with the health coordinating committee went to conduct the meeting  in a far away village near  Tripura border that is 4 hours journey from Silchar. To reach the village they have to cross a river.

As we all know that Tea garden is very famous in Assam, People working in these Tea garden were  affected by recent cyclone and most of them lost the roof of the house and some houses were fully washed away. So immediately Sr.Sherly approached an agency in Spain  through the Diocessan Social Service Society that is Seva Kendra Silchar and they received financial help from them . Now they  are in the process of distributing tins and seedlings to the affected people.

We were indeed happy to welcome our spanish friends on July 9th.They will be with us for 43 days ,visiting different villages and meeting people to know their life situation. We are very greatful to them for helping the cyclone affected people by sponsoring money from their agency. They are also helping our open school students by teaching computer and games . They also went to Aizwal along with Srs.Sherly and Sudha  to meet our bishop and the mission stations .

Srs .Sherly , Sudha and Jyoti attented two days seminar on peace mission which was arranged by the Diocessan Social Service Society. The session was so much challenging and an invitation to be a peace builders in this divided world.

We were delighted to have the presence of our most Rev .Bishop Stephen on the feast day of St.Maria Vianny. We had a friendly sharing about our mission and shared our love through delicious meal. We are so much taken by his simplicity and the daring spirit to bring the people closer to God.

Being the year of consecrated  life ,we as a community and personally strive always to live the words of our Pope Francis that is "feel the smell of the sheep''. Oral Roberts opens his television program each time like this "Something good is going to happen to you". The giver who understands the secret of fruitfulness believes something good is going to happen. Yes dear sisters ,we believe that the seed we plant in the the form of time caring ,serving will indeed grow and produce the fruit of joy ,prosperity,peace among people for whom we are working for .

Dear sisters continue to support us through your prayers and we too believe that through God we can and through God we will!

Srs. Daisy, Sherly, Jothy and Sudha

Manalmedu India

News from Saranalaya Community.

News from Hamile

Dear friends,

Greetings from the sisters of St Joseph in Hamile, Ghana.

My Life in India

My Life in India


Sr.Eman FAWZI from Egypt shares her experiences as she is in India.

Who are we?

Hey! Who Are We?


SJL Laities we are!

Yes, SJL Laities we are!

Hey! Who Are We?

From far and wide as SJL Laities in Lyon we gathered,

Greeting one another with joy and zeal we introduced

And our mission and commitment with pride we presented.


Hey! Who are we?

SJL Laities we are!

Yes, SJL Laities we are!


Inputs on spirituality and charism we garnered,

Getting to the roots of our congregation we loved

And in the congregation a strong foothold we discovered.


Hey! Who are we?

Laities of the Congregation

Laities of the Church too.


Legacy of Mother St, John Fontbonne we unravelled,

Closely the footsteps of Fr. Medaille we traversed

And the struggles of our first sisters we witnessed.


Hey! Who are we?

Children of Mother St, John Fontbonne

Her dauntless children indeed.


Fr. Medaille’s Eucharistic revelation left us astonished,

Enlightening us on the source so revered

From which we are to receive and transmit.


Triplet celebration of Indian Province


Triplet celebration of Indian Province


The province of India rejoiced as it gathered with sisters, relatives, friends and benefactors to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Mary Georgina, the silver jubilee of Srs. Jeya Rani and Litty and the final commitment of seven young sisters Daiyana Therese, Stella, Sahaya Prabha, Maria Selva Gracy , Arul Sumathi, Jeya Pratha and Alangara Mercy on 12th May 2015.

The celebration started with the Solemn mass celebrated by Rev. Bishop. Susai Manickam, The Bishoop of Sivaganga Diocese and concelebrated by other priest.  “To Abide and Bear Fruit” is the theme of the celebration and the liturgy was beautifully prepared according to theme. The sister who was celebrating her golden jubilee was invited to offer her life in the form of plantain fruits and thank God for the 50 years of fruitful service. The sisters who were celebrating their silver jubilee offered raw plantain vegetables and thanked God for the 25 years of God’s companionship and asked His grace to abide with him and bear fruit in the years to come. The seven young sisters offered their life in the form of plantain flowers and prayed that they become rooted in God’s loving relationship and that their life bear abundant fruits.  Bishop in his homily shared about the preciousness of vocation to religious life and the joy of abiding and serving God.

After the Holy Eucharistic celebration there was short function to felicitate the jubilarians. The mood of feast continued as we shared the meal in fellowship.





Monday 11 May 2015

Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph at Lyon where 40 Laities and 13 Sisters had gathered from Burkina Faso, England, U.S.A, Mexico, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Nava Jeevan Region and France buzzed with the chirpy ‘ bon jours’, ‘hi s’, and ‘hellos’ on 11.05.15. At 9 .00 a.m the same day they filed behind their leaders who lead them with their respective national flags.

Sr. Catherine Barange, the General of the Srs. Of SJL welcomed the laity and the sisters specially to Lyon- The cradle of the congregation. Later she briefed the participants on the agenda of the  5-day International Sessions and concluded with a prayer.

Sr. Joèlle traced the history of the congregation in France and provided the participants with a bird’s eye view of the untrodden paths on which the sisters of SJL had traversed. It was followed by the panaromic views of the establishments of the provinces and regions in France, Egypt, Mexico, USA, Lebanon, England, India, Burkina Faso and NavaJeevan  given by the respective sisters and laities of the Srs. of SJL. The day came to an end with a reflection on the day’s inputs and a thanksgiving to the Almighty.

Tuesday12 may 2015

Echoes of the song, “ Be still …..  resonated in English, French and spanish invoking God’s presence at the beginning of the second day’s session. In keeping with the same tempo created by the song, Sr. Joelle Peillon proceeded further to explicate the term, ‘Charism’ by tracing the origin of the word and defining the same based on the statement of the Vatican Council : “Diversity of gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit for the good of the children ”;*

Delving deeper into the meaning of charism, she highlighted that it is vision, a mission,  a  quest  for God  that an individual possesses at a particular place in a specific period of time.  She explained that Charism is interconnected with Christian Mystery that evolves at a spiritual pedagogy. Distinguishing charism that focuses more on action from spirituality that deals with interior life pertaining to a person’s relationship with God, she listed out the Franciscan, Ignatian, Dominican and the Theresian charism and underscored their differences from one another. The thought provoking session was followed by a highly animated group discussion.

From a deliberation on charism, Sr. Joelle moved ahead to talk about Fr.Medaille and his charism that binds us all together.  Projecting him as a companion of Jesus, Jesuit Fr.Medaille, she stressed, initiated a Christian life that demanded a life outside the cloisters- an innovative and daring venture indeed.  The Christian mystery that he unraveled from the Eucharist during his meditation served as the propellant for the realization of his unique dream into an admirable reality.

Procuring the total double union from Eucharist, Fr.Medaille was more concerned about why we do and how we do to keep ourselves united rather than on what unites us.  Sr. Joèlle also illuminated on the fact that the Christ Fr.Medaille rfeceived from the Eucharist he gave it to others and urged the sisters work towards the double union by responding the needs of the time, caring enough for the  relationship with God and others in simplicity and with cordiality.

During the  later part of the sessions, Sr. Mary Joseph chipped in to delineate Mother St.John Fontbonne as the refoundress of the congregation.  She enlisted Mother St.John Fontbonne’s unshakable trust in the Providence of the God, the unmistakable love for the neighbors, humanness, compassion, courage and apostolic zeal stressing them as her hallmarks.  Picturising her as a woman of faith, deep love, sensitivity and cordial charity she beckoned all to emulate her.   Sr. Mary Joseph then introduced the participants to two of the distinguished daughters of Fr. Medaill e – Sr. Yvonne Marie and Sr. Marie De Britto.  It was followed by a group discussion.   The day came to an end with a prayer.

Wednesday 13 may 2015

Melodious notes of the song, 'Resucito, Resucito...' were sent up to the Heavens bringing in peace and happiness within all those gathered on 13.05.15. A reading of God's words from Matthew Ch:10 that offers a vivid image of Jesus sending out His 12 disciples into the world on Divine Mission, a reflection on the same, duly interspersed with devotional songs and well concluded with Our Lord's Prayer was an enriching experience.

From a prayerful mode the participants were switched over to a musing mode when they were exposed to an input session on Transmission and Transmission of Charism by Sr. Nadia  Aidjian, SDB. Explaining transmission  with illustrations, Sr. Nadia  opined that transmission spans through past, present and future and reminded that each one is an actor in its process. She made it conspicuous that a charism can meet its end when there is death of its carriers.

Further elaborating on charism, she made it evident that charism is a commitment and a spiritual experience that needs to be shared. She clarified that charism draws us closer to two significant commitments:

To overcome the great rift of culture in the present scenario and

To describe the manner of living.

She also said that relationships ought to be evangelized and exhorted all to live the Eucharistic spirituality.

In a bid to live the Eucharistic spirituality, the participants partook in a Eucharistic celebration held at Fouviere and then were excited at visiting St. John's  room and chapel.

Thursday14 may 2015

The fourth day of the international sessions began too early for the participants as they had their day out. The first place to visit was Bass En Basset, the birth place of Mother St. John Fontbonne. Walking along the alley named after Mother, looking at the house where she's presumed to have been born and spent her childhood, to read the plaque that describes her life and praying at the church where she was christened was an awe inspiring experience.

Brimming with happiness the participants headed towards Centre International at Le Puy where they were all welcomed with warmth and made to feel at home. After a quick lunch at the centre, the participants were made to walk along the memory lanes during their visit to the kitchen of the black daughters of the congregation, the place where a couple of sisters were guillotined, the chapel of St. Michelle and the cathedral of Notre Dame du Puy.

Towards the end of the day, a presentation by the Sr. Line at the Centre International, Le Puy drove in the participants the objectives of its establishment, its functions and the programmes offered by them was quite enlightening. Above all,  after the fun-filled day the participants returned home with loads of excitement and unique God experience  garnered from their visits to varied chapels, cathedrals and monuments that they are to treasure for their life time.

Friday 15 may 2015

The final day of the International sessions began with a meaningful musing over the Eucharistic Letter of Fr. Medaille. A probe into the deeper layers of the letter was a rewarding experience as it laid bare the self emptying love of Jesus in the Eucharist, the need to receive the "love of loves" which unifies all of us and the call to communicate the fullness of love. Thereafter, Sr. Catherine Barange encapsulated the sessions and the experiences harnessed from the visits to variegated places.

The Lay associates were initiated into a heated group discussion on their hopes to continue in their own respective Province, their role in the greater participation in the mission of the congregation and the means by which they can give themselves. Different and new fruits of the discussions manifested themselves as tangible suggestions, new proposals and action plans during the review of the discussions.

The day came to an end with a multilingual and meaningful Eucharistic celebration. Following it sharing of phone numbers and e mail id s among the participants and heavily loaded Adieus, byes,.... marked the end of the sessions. With a treasure trove of odd feelings, mixed emotions, recharged spirits and fresh ideas the participants returned home.


card of general council

Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day from The General Council

Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day


The General Council

May St. Joseph be our model

as we contemplate Jesus

as we build community

as we learn to live Christian hope.

May St. Joseph accompany us

and grant us wisdom.

We are united with all of you on this special feast day.

Love and prayer,

The General Council


Novena to st. Joseph

Novena to St. Joseph

Novena to St. Joseph

Day 1 :Saint Joseph, the model of faith .

"Joseph did as the angel of the Lord commanded him:

He took with him his wife "(Mt 1:24) .

Joseph , model of faith , Lord, we pray. The strength and courage may abound Sisters of the Province of Europe and the General Council who are working to build a world of wisdom based on your gospel  values . O Saint Joseph , we want to participate in the saving mystery , that the God of the Incarnation can dwell within us and that we may be faithful to all his projects.

Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father...

O Joseph , virginal father of Jesus,
 most pure spouse of the Virgin Mary, every day ,
pray for us to Jesus Himself ,
the Son of God, that , strengthened by his grace,
we can live a life worthy of His love and be crowned with him in death

Jesus, Mary , Joseph, I entrust my heart and soul!

Jesus, Mary , Joseph, assist me to my last breath !

Jesus, Mary , Joseph, that my soul may go in peace to you!

Saint Joseph hear my prayer


Day 2 :Saint Joseph, the model of hope.

Joseph , model of hope , Lord, we pray thee, let our sisters in the United States
be blessed by your strength,
as they go  like Joseph where you want them to go to build with our brothers
and sisters a more human society,
and shaping the Kingdom where there is righteousness.
O Saint Joseph , may we learn from you to hope , and that hope can transform us.

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc .



Day 3 : Saint Joseph, the model of charity .

Joseph , model of charity , Lord, we pray: 
help our sisters in India in their ministry and life to be a love symbol,
to bring people to God and neighbor.

O St. Joseph, a faithful servant , you took loving care of Mary and Jesus. 
Inspire us to always  to share with our neighbor
the same faithful and generous love and  your true and genuine virtue.

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc .

Day 4 : Saint Joseph, the model of chastity.

Joseph , model for all those seeking purity of soul , Lord, we pray :
 teach our Sisters of Mexico real love ,
 so that they can recognize your presence everywhere and faithfully live  our promises
and commitments.

O Saint Joseph , you who have opened the way to salvation of the world
by the purity of your love,
makes us to be true witnesses of the Son in the world today .

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc .

Day 5 : Saint Joseph, the model of obedience .

Joseph , model of obedience , Lord, we beseech you : 
teach our Sisters in West Africa the virtue of sharing , which is a form of love,
so that we can do  the will of the loving Father with joy,

O St. Joseph, 
we want to spend the rest of our lives in harmony with the Creator's plan for us.
Help us ,
so that every day we may be live faithfully to his love and his will .

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc .

Day 6 : Saint Joseph, the model of praying .

Joseph , pattern of prayer , Lord, we pray:
 Bless our Lebanon Sisters  with all wisdom and holiness to praise
and glorify the true God.

O Saint Joseph , despite all the noises of the world ,
 teach us to pray with the heart and help us to love the precious moments
when we invite God to share our life.

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc . 


Day 7 :Saint Joseph, the patron of the dying.

Joseph , the patron for those who suffer, Lord, we pray
that our Sisters in the Region Anglo / Irish
live with hope and serenity as Jesus lived during the difficult time of His life,
trusting and holding the hands of the Father.

O St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary , 
recommend us to God during the our last hour on earth. At the time of death,
increases in us the desire of Heaven.

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc .

Day 8 :Saint Joseph , Patron of the workers.

Joseph , model of good workers , Lord, we pray, 
teach our Sisters of Egypt to love their work.
May they learn to perform fairly and honestly.

O St. Joseph, from your example , 
we know how to work with gratitude, joy, order , peace,  and patience.
Teach us to use all the gifts received from God in our work and ministry.

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc .

Day 9 : Saint Joseph, Patron of families.

Joseph , model of breadwinners , Lord, we pray: 
give our Sisters Nava Jeevan a far vision,
deeper commitment and the courage to follow you the only way, light and truth.

O St. Joseph, teach us to educate our brothers and sisters to grow in faith ,
purity , devotion and respect for all.

* Our Father... Hail Joseph... Glory to the Father... etc .

                                                    Prepared by the Sisters of West Africa

Now is the Favourable Time

Now is the Favourable Time

Now is the Favourable Time



On the 17th of February, we, the Anglo/Irish Sisters (3 from Dublin, 2 from Moseley and 3 from Haunton) were happy to meet one another at our Regional House in Haunton, England.  Sr. Rita Bujold from France was among us.

We had a day of reflection, discussion, problem facing, analyzing and challenging all enfolded by deep prayer and discernment.  As we sought direction to the problems we were confronting together, we agreed to sell the house in Moseley, Birmingham which will soon be put on the market.

We were quite relieved with our final decision.



(Lyon, Annecy, Chambéry)

THE  L.A.C. LEADERSHIP MEETING (Lyon, Annecy, Chambéry)

Provincials / Regional Superiors of Lyon, Annecy, Chambéry

The Provincials and Council members of Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon, Annecy and Chambery gathered for a two day meeting on the 17th& 18th January 2015 at Fatima College. There were 42 participants including the provincial councils -  4 Provinces of Chambery, 2 Provinces of Annecy and 1 Province/1 Region of Lyon along with special invitees. Sr. Emily Joseph, Provincial of Lyon graciously welcomed everyone.The focus was on the Global (J.P.I.C CSJ ) Justice and Peace International Commision of the Sisters of St. Joseph in India.Fr. Aloysius Irudayam SJ, was our distinguished resource person for the LAC meeting.









A Traditional Welcome to the LACParticipants.

Warm Welcome by Sr. Emily (Provincial, Lyon)

Sr. Flora Mary. SJL brought out the importance of JPIC Global CSJ in the light of our founding charism. Our Charism calls us to always live profoundly and to commit ourselves in bringing about unity of people with God, among ourselves and others in right relationship. Consequently, we are urged to revise, recreate and revitalize our Religious life and respond to the signs of the time with Apostolic newness. In the world of today, while continuing to serve those in need, we need to challenge ourselves: are we aware of the underlying issues of the self deceptive social structures which dehumanize the lives of people and the balance of mother earth?  We need the J.P.I.C. CSJ to hear the voicesat the grass root level and oblige member states to accountability, to put into action all they have written about human rights. Finally, she hoped that this session would be a moment to lead us out of our comfort zone, to synergize our vision as sisters of St. Joseph by organizing ourselves with others through various apostolates. We can thus better live our charism, by revealing the compassionate justice of God for the life of the world.

Sr. Rojamani, the representative of JPIC Global CSJ, shared her experience of participating  at the  Global CSJ ( Justice & Peace International Commission) in New York.   The symbol for the session was ‘Weaving together”, which means: to live together, share together and knit  together. During this meeting, they also wrote a statement to stress the importance of working together for a systemic change leading to social and sustainable development.

Presentation bySr.Rojamani. SJL

Attentive Listening




She shared the activities and commitments of CSJ’s around the world. At the end of this session, certain points were retained such as:

  • Women Status- Human right Compliant
  • SDGS signature campaign by sisters of Mercy,UN Ngo
  • Migrants/Immigrants issues-core JEPIC
  • Peace with planet Earth (Sept.21st) International Day of peace-CSJ –UN-NGO.
  • MDG’S Statistics –CSJ-UN-NGO.

The expectation of J.P.I-C- Global CSJ –Un-NGO is  to submit the report on :

ü  the work on migrants/ immigrants issues done by the sisters in different countries

ü   to submit the MDG’s statistics.

Based on Sr. Rojamani’s presentation, Rev. Fr. Aloysious S.J. focused the social context in a wider view of Globalization. He spoke about the impact of the six important trends of globalization and each Province /Region presented one.

  • Ecological Degradation
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Religious Fundamentalism
  • Caste, gender, Race
  • Marketing Economy

Engagement in advocacy for systemic  change

Systemic change means changing of relationship with values. The system involves relationship between individuals and the group. This relationship should flow into every system. (For eg. In ther relationship among teachers, experts and researchers). What motivates this relationship is the interest of the motivator. If the interest of the motivator is positive there will be change in the value system, such as unity, justice, purity, and equality. If the motivator’s interest is negative it affects the whole system in terms of discriminating,and it leads to unjust and unequal social system. He reflected with us on how to bring about change in the social system which is unjust and unequal.

He added that, through awareness,organization, mobilizing people, individual protest writing,  speaking, etc…. we can bring about systemic change. Organizing people movement, rally, advocacy etc…. we can make others to see the view of the poor , in individual level, group level , and national level.

Vote of Thanks by Sr. Celine German. SJL

Active Group Discussions

The second day was dedicated to group discussion, drawing time bound action plan and how the three Congregations together will be able to reach the goal. The reports of the discussion were presented.

Sr. Celine German, on behalf of the whole group thanked Rev.Fr. Aloysious for being with us for the past two days.  Father expressed that he was happy to see three Congregations coming together for such a purpose.

Sisters of Chambery and Annecy expressed their gratitude to.Sr. Emily Joseph. SJL and to the Council for their warm hospitality during their stay in the various communities in Madurai. They appreciated the Sisters for being so gracious in rendering various services.


Participants of L.A.C Leaedership Meet



October 18, 2014
Gathering of Sisters/Laity committed to the St. Joseph MISSION

Gathering of Sisters/Laity committed to the St. Joseph MISSION


150 participants, 80 sisters, 70 laity responded to the Province of Europe’s invitation : Directors of Schools, Pastoral delegates, Presidents of School Administrators, School Board Members; Directors and Presidents of Retirement Homes ; Associates, “Passeurs”, delegates of sisters from Retirement Homes, from larger and smaller communities...

All came to signify together their common mission as baptized members which is manifested by their commitment to pass on the St. Joseph spirit in the different areas which they represent.

Religious and laity were invited to:


recognize themselves, witness to one another in their respective mission which remains faithful to the founder’s charism.

deepen the Church’s MISSION which is confided to themin today’s society, a society in which we attempt, in the footsteps of the founder, to « respond to the needs of the time» ;

give thanks to the journey accomplished togetherfor several years and allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit towards the future;

take time to celebrate, to feast the journey taken together for a number of years.



Share in workshops











Double union




Sending on Mission

Mt. 10 1-16


He who goes before us to our Galilees

In the Galilee of our institutions,
we will be steadfast in listening and forgiving

In the Galilee of our elders,
we will welcome their sacred story

In the Galilee of our communities,
we will germinate places of humility..

Ending the day, Sr. Marie Claire, provincial, shared:

« Yes, we are ‘a body for the Mission’.
We are here because together, we are in the process of writing the continuation of the story...
The continuation of the story is the confidence that we entrust in one another sisters/laity as we open the pathways which our world needs today».

Walk, walk, walk with your God!

Happy Founders Day




report of the international session

Session International 17-31/7/2014

International Session

July, 17-31, 2014

July 31

Our last day of the International session ended on July 31, the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  It was truly a very festive occasion, filled with joy and gratitude to the Province of Europe.  We celebrated the Jubilee of 17 Sisters.   All the younger Sisters participated in preparing this feast.


Our Mass was international: participants sang in various languages, the African Sisters danced during the presentation of gifts, praise (Arathi) by our Indian Sisters…

At the opening of the celebration, Sr. Marie Claire Berchet welcomed everyone.  We were touched when she referred to Europe as a land where so many had been sent out to foreign missions and now it is a land of mission.  Fr. H. Aubert, S.J. was struck by our diversity and our internationality which, according to him, is a joy for the Church.

This Sisters’ Jubilee feast was marked by giving new meaning in the renewal of our vows: « Renewal is to make new the following of Christ.  Renewing the vows is to express anew the faith, in a different situation from the one of our first profession…The Jubilarians asked together:

Today Lord, grant me the grace of this renewal so as to follow you.”

Our gathering, with approximately 100 Sisters from the European Province, ended with songs and dances from the various Provinces and Regions followed by a wonderful and joyful meal.

Thank you Lord, for this grace filled experience.  Thank you for the General Council and our Animators who fully gave of themselves.  Thank you for all the participants from the various Provinces and Regions who shared their life, experience and joy.



July 29, 30

This last two days of work were dedicated to reaping the fruits of our gathering by spending time reviewing all that we have lived.


We concluded our session with a celebration during which our Superior General, Sr.  Catherine Barange sent us off and through her message encouraged us to move forward committing ourselves to "seek ways to overcome the difficulties and to always nurture a loving response, to live the greater glory of God and the best possible service towards the dear neighbor ". She expressed her desire that, “this international gathering become like a fire that kindles other fires in our communities, our Provinces/Regions, and throughout the Congregation and those around you”!


July 28

We began our day with prayer prepared by the Province of Mexico.  We then did some work to integrate Charism with our Mission.  We were invited to share in groups.

We, then reflected on certain passages from our Constitutions to discover the link Mission has with community life, internationality and new technologies.

July 27

Yesterday, we visited two places: Taizé, an ecumenical center and Ars, the little village where St. John Marie Vianney served during his entire lifetime.

In Taizé, we were impressed with the great number of youth coming from all parts of the world and by the silent ambiance of prayer.

July 25 – 26

on the 25th, friday, we had a very different and interesting day.  The General and Provincial Councils had set up visits to our various communities in and around Lyon, Bourg en Bresse and St. Etienne.

In small groups of mixed nationalities (and with translators, when necessary) we met our French Sisters.  Everywhere, we were welcomed heartily.  In all simplicity, we enjoyed an open and mutual sharing of our lives, our experiences and our mission.

Saturday we began the 3rd part of our session, which focused on Mission. Sr. Judy Donovan led us through these days. She started by inviting us to express what had touched us the most the previous day as we visited our Sisters in the communities.  What seemed to have been common for everyone and what touched us was the fact that our Sisters continue to live a community project, a mission, even though they limited because of their age.  Here are some examples of what we heard:

« I can hardly see, I do not hear, I cannot write… but my mission is to continue to form good relationships with the laity among whom I live in this retirement home, with the staff who serve us… »

« The Lord has always been with me, in the different communities where I lived, in my teaching ministry… »

« Difficulties are not lacking in our lives.  Sometimes, it was difficult for me to accept a transfer of community, but God always gives us the grace… ».

The communities, and we ourselves, had prepared some questions for our conversations during these community visits. We had shared on how we live the vows, the challenges of community life, the influence of culture on religious life, the challenges which we meet in our various countries, the manner in which we respond to the calls etc.

As a way to launch our theme of Mission, Sr. Judy suggested an exercise which reaffirmed our individual identities as Children of God, Disciples of Jesus and as Sisters of St. Joseph.  If we do not know ourselves, we will not be able to live our mission.

Three Sisters of the European Province then joined us in the afternoon: Gracy Sasco, Yvonne Poyet and Jeanne Poncin. They shared about their experience in Religious Life and how they lived through the evolution that took place throughout the years; the changes brought about by the II Vatican Council and how the Congregation and the French Federation searched for a way to respond to the signs of the times.

The Province of India presented the cultural evening.  We greatly appreciated their beautiful dances from the southern part of the India.

July 24, 2014 (8th day)

Today, Sr. Françoise Martin presented us with a new understanding of Fr. Médaille’s Eucharistic devotion. We were able to see the connection with St. John’s account in chapter 13 of his Gospel.

As a Jesuit, Fr. Médaille not only spent hours praying before the Blessed Sacrament but also he was  out on his mission with full of zeal.   As he contemplated the Eucharist, he was touched by the total self giving of Jesus -Servant and Savior, and that is how he conceived the Little Design.

We had reflection time on how we incorporate Eucharist in our prayer, our community life, our apostolate and in the manner in which we live our vows.

We then shared in smaller groups and in the assembly. Each person’s sharing brought us some enlightenment.

Later in the evening, we visited the Motherhouse Chapel and Sr. Catherine Maïdiotou explained the architecture. paintings and mosaics.

Our day ended with a cultural presentation by the sisters from Egypt.

July 23, 2014 (7th day)

This day we visited landmarks in our Congregation’s history and traced the footsteps and the memories of our first Sisters.

First, we visited the chapel in St. Etienne where Mother St. John Fontbonne arrived in 1807 and where the first Sisters took the habit.   From there, several groups of sisters were sent to found new communities.  Then we proceeded to Bas-en -Basset, the birthplace of Mother St. John.   We were surprised to see a street carrying her name and we met the grand niece's husband of Mother St. John.  We prayed together.

From there we continued our journey to LePuy-en-Velay to visit sites important to our very first sisters, including their kitchen .    We were moved by the fact that Fr. Médaille and the first Sisters never had a very comfortable life.  We visited the first church in France built by the Jesuits. It could have been here that Fr. Médaille contemplated the Eucharist and planed his project for a new congregation known as the “Little Design”.  We also visited the cathedral of Le Puy and some sisters climbed to St. Michael's chapel. We walked through the streets where our first sisters walked as they served the people of God and felt we were receiving their blessing.


In the late afternoon, we returned to the International Centre in Le Puy where Sr. Line Rioux, Director of the Centre, shared the story and the goal of the Center: a place which constitutes a link among all Sisters, Associates and ministry partners and their ministries throughout the world.

22/07/2004 (6th day)

We began the day with a beautiful prayer led by the Sisters from the Province of India who invited the Sisters to be the light of the world.

Sr. Adaikalamary then asked us to do the « sharing of the state of the heart » and the “order of the house ». We were divided into Provincial and Regional groups.  She showed us how the Ignatian spirituality had a great influence on the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph.


The essential elements of Ignatian spirituality being that it is:

-       Theocentric (Trinitarian) ;

-       Christocentric (Incarnational);

-       Oriented towards the world (spirituality of loving service)

-       Love which discerns what is most pleasing to God ;

-       Nourished by  a tension between the Ignatian anchorage points ;

-       A constant research for the ‘Magis’  in action ;

-       Eucharistic;

-       Universal love for all human beings.

Following the afternoon break, she sent us in groups to share on Trinitarian love.

We ended this day with a beautiful evening filled with fun and led by our Mexican Sisters.

21/7/2014 (5th day)

After spending three days of delving into the history of the congregation, Srs. Adaikalamary Antonymuthu and Françoise Martin gave a fine presentation to help us deepen our spirituality.

We started our day with prayer led by these sisters contemplating the way of the Lord who speaks to us deeply through the events of our daily lives and remembering his call to us.

We then proceeded with the topic of the day: Deepening Ignatian Spirituality, which we inherited from our founder, Father Jean Pierre Médaille, S.J.  They also referred to the biography of St. Ignatius of Loyola, his spiritual experience and elements of his spirituality:
- The Holy Trinity as center of our spirituality
- The incarnation in the world and living the spirit of service following the example of Jesus,     the Son Incarnate

- Personal and communal discernment which helps us discover the will of God in our lives
- The role of the Eucharist
- The ‘Covenant Prayer’, also known as the ‘Examen of Conscientiousness’
- ‘Magis’, for the Greater Glory of God

During the day, there were personal moments of reflection and a time for the participants to share among themselves, which was most enriching.

We concluded our day with the Eucharist followed by a special evening of entertainment presented by our sisters from West Africa.

20/7/2014(4th Day)

The Sisters from Egypt led our prayer using the Gospel passage where Jesus invites us to be salt and light of the world.  One by one we then placed the flag for each country where we are missioned, saying a prayer for the sisters in each.

We had the final presentation on our history during the morning session. We then did personal reflection and sharing in our Provincial and Regional groups.  This sharing made us to be more aware of the death-dealing and the life-giving aspects in our own realities.

After the noon meal, we visited the places of our “Origins and Evolution” where  the  statue of Mother St. John is kept.  We were able to look at ancient documents and objects from various Congregations of St. Joseph spread throughout the world.


Although it rained throughout the day, it did not prevent us from visiting the Fourvière Basilica and attending the Sunday Eucharist in the afternoon.

19/7/2014(3rd Day)

The Sisters from Africa led the group in  prayer on the theme of unity in diversity.   As a symbolic expression of our living in a multicultural group, an empty vessel was presented and each Province and Region poured water from their country into the gourd.   In continuation of our prayer, throughout the day we listened attentively to the sacred story of each Province and Region, which was presented by the sisters in very creative and meaningful manner.   We marveled at the way God has faithfully led our Congregation through various invitations, political situations and trials. It is the spirit of Fr. Médaille and Mother St. John Fontbonne that enabled the sisters to walk the extra mile in so many unknown situations.

As the closure of the session, we were given a world map and asked to identify each of the countries where we are present, along with what language is spoken there, what currency is used, what the capital of each country is etc. This exercise broadened our knowledge.

The day was ended with a cultural program offered by the Lebanese Sisters. It was great to know and appreciate the Lebanese culture and the program was quite relaxing.

"One finger alone can't pick up a flower" (African proverb)

18/7/2014 (2d day)

Sr. Maria Del Pillar led the prayer on the second day.  Following the introduction, she invited us to listen to the Word of God in Jer. 18: the potter.  We were then given clay and she invited us to model what we thought God was doing with us.   After this beautiful prayer, came the history of our congregation.

Sr. Maria Del Pillar used the tree as the symbol of our congregation.  It was born, grew and spread its branches in several countries.  In the middle of the 17th century, Fr. Jean Pierre Médaille, a Jesuit met six women who were searching to give themselves to God for the service of their brothers and sisters, but living out of the cloister.  Thus the congregation of the « Little Design » came into existence.  Monsignor de Maupas assisted and the congregation was recognized on October 15, 1650 in Puy en Velay and put under the protection of Saint Joseph.

Gradually, the congregation began to evolve and the communities increased.  In 1789 came the French Revolution when the Sisters were disbanded and some of them were killed.  Later, after the revolution, Mother Saint Jean Fontbonne refounded the Congregation and eventually it spread across the ocean and became an international congregation.

The day ended with a cultural evening presented by the Sisters of the Region of Nava Jeevan, India.


le 17/7/2014(1st day)

Twenty-eight of us younger Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyon from various cultures and nations have come together in Lyon to share our spirituality, history and mission.  This international session, which is taking place from July 17th to the 31st 2014, was organized by the General Council of the Congregation (Sr. Catherine Barange, Sr. Rita Bujold, Sr. Cecily Savariyar, Sr. Maria Elena Cardenas) with assistance and participation from Sisters Françoise Martin of France, Judith Donovan of the United States, Maria del Pilar Sordo of Mexico and Egypt and Adaikalamary Antonymuthu of India.

After spending some days in local communities, we arrived joyfully in Lyon to meet each other from Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, India, Egypt, Lebanon and Honduras and began the session by getting to know one another. Then, Sr. Catherine Barange, Superior General, welcomed us. The opening session ended with a moment of prayer prepared by the General Council in the four languages: French, English, Spanish and Arabic.  In the afternoon Sr. Maria Elena helped us focus on the goal of our time together.


We took a moment to personally reflect on the theme of “leaving” inspired by the text “The Fertile Desert” by Dom Helder Camara and then did group work in Provinces and Regions and in the larger group.  We also enjoyed moments of rest and relaxation throughout the day.

We concluded our day with prayer and meditation on the “Footsteps of God” in our lives as well as reviewing all the preparation that we had done from the beginning until now.

Jubilee Celebration (India)


Jubilee celebration (India)

Finance Commission Meet

Finance Commission meet

The 4th International Finance Commission meeting, along with Bursars who had been invited, was held from May 12th to the 17th, 2014 at the Generalate in Lyon, France.  Sisters came from Europe, U.S., Egypt, England/Ireland, India (Province and Region), Mexico, and Lebanon.  Meeschaert Private Management presented a demographic and financial study which helped us foresee investments needed for each Province/Region for the next 20 years in view of responding to the needs of the Sisters and the mission.

Good discussion occurred among all participants in a collaborative and supportive ambiance as they reflected on the diversity and needs of each country.

A body for the mission



Notre-Dame Sevigne College, Talence,

Retirement Home, Fontaudin:

“How is the Saint – Joseph spirit put into practice?”

On Tuesday, 16th October – an important date in the life of the Congregation – the community and some of the staff from Fontaudin were invited to Talence by the College chaplaincy; a good few pupils were there together with the Head Master who had come for a time of reflection.  They were going to compare the Tree belonging to the Saint Joseph EPHAD with the one constructed and adorned by the pupils with their everyday language.

A bit of history.

19th March: This is the day when our Saint Joseph Tree came into being here at Fontaudin.

This was a surprise meeting: in the dining-room there were some residents already there, as well as some Sisters and laity, together with the facilitator for the occasion: Annie, whom we already know.  There was a green easel, paper, leaves of all sizes and colours.

Each of the residents was asked to say a few words symbolising the Spirit of the house in its day to day existence, the Saint Joseph spirit, for there are lots of Sisters here.  Let’s see!  It is important that the words chosen correspondent to the reality of  our everyday life.  Off we go!

Simplicity, greetings, openness, respect, sharing, cordiality and plenty more besides.  It is easy to recognise what constitutes daily life here;  in this house people speak to each other.

Humanity, life, joy! These are particularly important words.  Everyone is involved.  What a warm atmosphere!

Soon the Tree now decked out in all the colours of what shapes our lives here, will be placed in the centre of the Dining room.  One day it was part of a celebration in the chapel.  Meanwhile it will stay here in our midst as a reminder and an invitation to more LIFE.

What happened at the College in Talence?

A lovely Tree here too!

If one day you should pay a visit to Notre Dame – Sevigne in Talence you will notice on an outside wall a big colourful tree drawn by all the pupils, beginning by the youngest.  Many drawings, sayings and words representing the everyday life in this school.  It is the Saint Joseph Tree reminding all who see it  of the Spirit of the Congregation: simplicity, joy, help,  support etc as well as encouragement, respect and goodness.

“On arriving here every morning you cannot help but see this tree which you yourselves planted.  So, just stop for a moment,  take a good look at it, choose a word or a drawing; keep it as a reminder for the day ahead and reflect on it.  The spirit of a house or a school is shaped by  tiny everyday things”. Thisis what  the Head Teacher invites his pupils to do!

We want to repeat that the spirit of the Sisters of Saint Joseph is well and truly alive in this school, forwe felt it ourselves.  This spirit is kept alive through relationships, beginning with the Head Teacher encouraging the young, simply explaining to them what it’s all about and urging them to put it into practice.


After all that it’s time to relax: the seating has been rearranged and it is now time for the Sisters, the laity and the pupils to get to know one another. The distribution of cakes and drinks was greatly appreciated as were the lively songs!  A very grateful thanks to all.  It was a lovely experience and a lovely time for all ages.





28 – 29 September 2013.


106 Sisters representing small communities had a meeting to discuss the chosen theme “A BODY FOR THE MISSION”.

With the help of symbols each community was to show the meaning for them of “A Body for the Mission”.  The sharing was a time of ideas, creativity and even humour which helped to express the meaning of the Mission, the meaning of our Mission as Sisters of St Joseph.  There was a deepening of our mutual understanding and knowledge of each other.


Our facilitator, Sister Marie-Christine (Xaviere), pushed us to rediscover the strength of what is necessary.  Of course during these two days the simple fact of meeting was important for us:  relaxed meetings, meetings after long absences, new contacts.

The route will be a reminder during the coming year that we will dig deeply into the meaning of MISSION.




Other meetings on similar topics have been programmed:

  • In each Retirement Home.
  • In the large communities.

“Women on the route of the Lord, we are happy to serve you”



Spiritual Families in 2013,

who are you?

At the meeting in Lourdes from 18 – 20 October there were 1 200 laity and religious present.

A considerable number of groups indeed:  groups in the diversity of their titles, how they considered themselves, what they were looking for.

One thing they had in common was their wish to be faithful to the charisma of their founders so as to bear witness to the Faith in the Mission.

The charisma is not the private property of a Congregation,

but belongs to the Church”

With such a diversity of situations, Congregations are invited to undertake a work of reflexion so as to discover, clarify their right to be called “Spiritual Families”:  Associates? Helpers?  Partners?

In the Europe Province we are undertaking this reflexion as we sing this gathering song:

“Une meme foi nous anime aujourd’hui

Familles rassemblees au nom du Seigneur;

Un meme amour nous envoie aujourd’hui

Pour vivre ta Mission, Seigneur”

Belley – Celebration 27 October 2013.

After 184 years in Belley the last community of Sisters of St Joseph are leaving us.  It was during Mass on 27 October 2013 that our good-byes were said in the presence of the Vicar General of the Diocese of Belley, Mgr Frederic PELLETIER and the priests of the parish.  There were also many Sisters of St Joseph present.

A message from the Provincial:

In 1819, that is 194 years ago, the Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Fesch, sent two young Sisters of St Joseph of Lyon: Mother St Joseph CHANAY was one of the first to come to Belley.  She was a woman of vision and courageous in all she undertook.

In all there were 27 communities in the Ain, 8 of which were in Belley: schools, care of the sick in hospital and at home, care of orphans, the aged, and seminarians.

It is here that the Congregation came to be called St Joseph of Bourg-en-Bresse, because its headquarters were  going to be in Bourg-en-Bresse.

Throughout all this time the Sisters tried to be faithful to the Mission of our Congregation, the Mission given by our Founder, Father Medaille when he said: Strive after the Total Double Union among ourselves and with God.This Mission of unity is as urgent today as it was in the 17th century when the Sisters of St Joseph were founded.

Closing a community is not an easy decision for a Congregation to take.  It is as a Christian community that we are living it out.  We know that we progress stage by stage, passage by passage.  Today, we Sisters of St Joseph thank God for the time he has given us, two centuries of shared life, shared Faith with the men and women of Belley.  Thank you all very much!



On 15th September the remaining three Sisters had arrived at their new Mission posts:  Therese Goyet at Caluire, Marie Helene Berthier at Hauteville and Marie Therese Fayolle at the  rue du lycee at Bourg.

nouvelle de l'europe

Coup de Pouce Universite



Silver Jubilee of Sr. Maria Elena CARDENAS

Silver Jubilee of
Sr. Maria Elena CARDENAS

On May 1st, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, several Sisters from different nationalities gathered at the Generalate to celebrate the 25th Jubilee of Sr. Maria Elena Cardenas.    What better way to give praise and thanks to God than through the Eucharistic liturgy presided by Fr. Boris Calzadilla, a Redemptorist priest from Bolivia.  A buffet was then served and followed by music and singing led by our Mexican Sisters.

Maria Elena’s vocation to religious life was nurtured by her parents who are strong people of faith as well as by her 9 siblings.  Maria Elena ministered in: the city of Mexico, Coahuila, Chiapas and in the country of Honduras.  She also served on the Initial Formation Team and on the Provincial Team.

In January, 2011, Maria Elena was elected as General Councilor.  She is actually living in Lyon, France serving her six year mandate along with Catherine Barange, General Superior, Rita Bujold and Cecily Savariyar, General Councilors in Lyon, France.

Let us give thanks to the Lord for so many graces received throughout these past years!




Joseph feast


Happy Feast of St. Joseph!



women's day 17

Happy Women's Day

Friends of Father Medaille





Never be lacking in Zeal, but keep your spiritual Fervor, serving the Lord.”

As a way of responding to the above verse, Lay Associates along with the guidance of sisters of St.Joseph of Lyons initiated the first activity of this year. IUG and IPG students were invited to join friends of Fr.Medaille. Great efforts were taken by Mr.Albert Jesudoss in gathering the students and associates.

Students came to the meeting with spiritual thirst. This meeting was organized to learn and celebrate the divine values of Fr.Medaille and through which students along with associates make their life a meaningful one by serving the community and above all ‘the God.’ Thus the meeting began with a prayer song.


Sr.Arul Mary, felicitated the students with warm words of welcome. She introduced heartfelt convictions of the associates and encouraged the students to serve God by being in this spiritual community. Her words of encouragement created a therapeutic effect in the hearts of the students and lighted up their souls.

The meeting sailed ahead with Dr.Kala Albert’s presentation. It was the time of reflection. She highlighted the special qualities of the founders and enlightened the young minds with the life story of Fr.Medaille. She made the session an interactive one and asked the students to share their spiritual experience. In all, it was a wonder-filled celebration of faithfulness and commitment.

Students joined the group by registering their names. The office bearers introduced themselves and briefed the students about the action plan that is prepared, the activities to be followed and their experiences throughout the journey. Student volunteer Nirmala from English Major expressed the strength and stability of the group. She attracted students to join hands in the Holy task. Mr.Alex, Ms.Bernita and Ms.Monica helped in making the meeting a successful one. They shared the responsibilities and took care that the things were done perfectly. They worked hard to be a supportive bridge between the associates and the students.

The president, Mr.Albert Jesudoss appreciated the newcomers for coming forward to join the group. He motivated by saying that our compassion should be extended by meeting the needs of others and promised to guide the students in all their activities.

Students were groomed to be the agents of love and extend that to the society with the guidance of the associates. The meeting concluded with a positive note:

Serving God is a blessing and let the spirit guide us.

Voulunteering in India


Bishop visit

Bishop's Visit to

community centre

český západ


new year




relief work

Flood Relief work at Chennai.


Events of EGC

Des événements- Conseil Général Elargi


EGC inagur

ouverture du Conseil Général Elargi

1er Novembre - 2015


E.G.C India


NOV 2nd-17th, 2015



A look back and a step forward

A look back and a step forward: Representatives tell their story

First vows

My soul sings the glory of God, my Saviour !

First Vows in India


happy feast of Saint Joseph

happy feast of saint Joseph

Happy feast of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph,

the model of hope, faith and charity,

Lord, we pray thee, let us be blessed with your strength, to build a more human society with our brothers and sisters and to envelop the whole world with the Kingdom values where righteousness reigns.

O Saint Joseph, may we learn from you to hope, and that hope can transform us and transform our World

Saint Joseph, the model of hope, faith and charity, Lord, we pray thee, let us be blessed with your strength, to build a more human society with our brothers and sisters and to envelop the whole world with the Kingdom values where righteousness reigns. O Saint Joseph, may we learn from you to hope, and that hope can transform us and transform our World.

Happy Founders Day

Bonne journée de notreFondateur !

Happy Easter

Actualite 6

Actualite 5

Province Day (India)



Having spent two months in India and made their visit to the various communities, Sr. Catherine BARANGE and Sr. Rita BUJOLA, met the sisters as a province on 30th December 2013. The long awaited Province Day! Being filled with the spirit of the season, it started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Micheal Jeyaraj, SJ. Former provincial of the Madurai province, officiated the mass and delivered an inspiring homily based on the five promises of the General Chapter 2011.

These promises spell out clearly who we are, our identity as sisters of St. Joseph:

  • Women/ communities of Hope
  • United in the spirit
  • Fostering right relationship with all and creation
  • Developing leadership at all levels and
  • Letting go of all the obstacles to realizing our vision and mission.

In living out these promises in day today life one needs to highlight three important characteristics.

  1. Reality and Response
  2. Vision and Values
  3. Legacy and Loyalty

Fr. Jeyaraj concluded his homily by inviting us to introduce meaningful and appropriate changes, to make our services relevant to the changing times and circumstances without sacrificing the core values of the congregation.

After the mass, Sr. Catherine and Sr. Rita addressed the assembly. While appreciating the positive points they observed during their visits to the communities they also challenged the province in a gentle and yet in a firm and acceptable way, where we are lagging behind.

In the afternoon, following the lunch was a cultural programme presented by the sisters both young and old from the four sectors (Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) and thus the day came to an end bringing lot of joy, blessings and the desire to start a new beginning.

Actualités 4

Tribute to  St.Jeanne Fontbonne!

November 22nd, the 170th death anniversary of Mother St. John Fontbonne

Tribute to Mother

Gentle flower

Bloomed at Bassen - Basset

Blessed by God, serene and sweet

Bravely walked into miles unknown

Dared to dream world beyond

Mysteries are Master’s Plan for you

To them magnanimously you remained true

Seed sown by you

Bear fruits in plenty

Oh Legacy of Lyon...

Footsteps forward with arms outstretched

You call us to march forth to new horizons

Your spirit in our hearts

Your dreams in our eyes

Bearing torches of hope

May we be light to the world.

May we and our services

Be blessed by you now and forever.