At the heart of the world


Mission Statement: (General Consultative Status granted 1999)

The Congregations of St Joseph is an organization of women religious and associates, associated with the Catholic Church with more than 13,000 individual members in 56 countries with institutional infrastructure in the promotion of healthy societies.

This NGO commits human and financial resources to further the promotion of human rights and responsibilities, the eradication of poverty, sustainable environmental development, the education of women and children, community health, and human social services.

These areas are addressed through the establishment and staffing of schools, from primary to university level; the establishment and staffing of health facilities including hospitals, clinics, hospices, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; sponsoring community development projects at the grassroots, national and regional levels, and advocating for the promotion of the status of women, children, displaced, trafficked, marginalised and indigenous peoples.

Our mission as an NGO at the UNO is to promote and influence the international laws and agreements which are signed in this entity.  We insist that every agreement signed should bear in mind the human aspect and should be full of respect, inclusion and durability.

In this NGO and as a result of it, we work in partnership with other NGOs which have different philosophies, beliefs and nationalities for A MORE JUST AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD.

The international agreements signed by the member States of the ONU should be applied and activated in the reality of each country.  Our mission of each one us,  in practise and in our daily life should allow these plans should grow in strength and vitality at the public and political level of each reality: that what lends value and importance to this office and mission.

This NGO in New York is but a simple representation which is public, political and visible to each and everyone of us, Sisters of St Joseph present throughout the world at the UNO.  It is quite modest but extremely important “For the Life of the World.”

Griselda Martinez-Morales, CSJ
representative of the NGO at the UNO.

The Congregations of the Sisters of St Joseph are part of an NGO with a general statute before the UNO, through the ECOSOC.