At the heart of the world




Lying at the crossroads of three continents, Egypt is situated in Africa, but is the link between East and West.  Spread over a million square km, Egypt is a huge desert; 4% represents a fertile valley due to the lordly River Nile.

Ancient civilisations have succeeded each other: Pharaohs, Christian, Copt, Islam.   Evangelised by St Mark who died a martyr in Alexandria, only 12% of the actual population of Egypt is Christian.


Sisters of St Joseph of Lyon in Egypt

At the request of the Jesuits, for the education of young girls in Upper Egypt,  the Sisters of St. Joseph respond favorably.

In 1907 The Sisters make successive attempts in Guiga, Abou-Tig, Mallawi.  The climate and   living conditions cause the death of a 26 yr. old Sister.

The grain of wheat had fallen to the ground and had borne fruit.”

In 1911 The Sisters settle in Minya, 248 km to the south of Cairo, where they teach in schools and operate an adjoining dispensary.   The Sisters also serve in the villages of

the region, caring for the sick and giving special attention to women.

1913 – 1923 A second community assumes the responsibility of the Jesuit College in Cairo.

1978 The opening of a novitiate.

2010 16 Egyptian Sisters work in various ministries encompassing education, social welfare, health, etc.


Minya   The school is still flourishing and continues the education of countless generations.  In 2011, it will celebrate its centenary

EL-Wasta (Assiout)The Sisters are involved in rural development and also engaged in parish   activities.

Mataria  The novitiate is located in this section where the Sisters are engaged in parish and  in other professional ministries.

Heliopolis   A hospitality Community in Cairo.