At the heart of the world

Nava Jeevan


In 1981, the Provincial team missioned four
sisters to respond to the most urgent mission
needs in the remotest villages of the Central Part
of India in Madhya Pradesh, now Chhattisgarh.




Dreaming Visionaries

(Sr. Britto, Sr. Treasa, Sr. Flora)

Responding to the urgent needs of the
mission in North India, the Provincial and
her team decided to be in Ambikapur
diocese for the Mission.



Daring Missionaries

(Sr. Pauline, Sr. Arul Mary, Sr. Soosai, Sr. Ann)

Called by God, the pioneers travelled to the
unknown path with burning thirst.
They plunged into the Mission, motivated with
missionary spirit, zeal and enthusiasm.



Early Ministries


The General Chapter 2005 declared the North
Sector of the Indian Province as a Region of the Province.
The leadership team of three members
were elected in June 2005 and Kumhari was
chosen as the place for the Regional House.



1stRegional Team - 2005

Sr. Ann, Sr. Lucy, Sr. Nilmani


Present Regional Team – 2011

Sr. Emelina, Sr. Rani, Sr. Roseline




Growth and Expansion