At the heart of the world

Who are we?

We are apostolic women religious

namely women seized by the love of God and committed to follow Christ through His paschal mystery of death and resurrection.

« We recognize, in our ‘littleness’, that our common experience ‘of an infinite God’ lies in having been seized by Christ’s love and in having left everything to follow Him. Our life finds its unity in this, through the joyful and total gift of self for the service of others. » (Ct 89)

We belong to the Ignatian family.

The influence of spiritual currents of the seventeenth century, particularly St. Francis de Sales and the French School has colored our spirituality. Ignatian pedagogy provides us with ways to grow in faith and love.

Sisters of St Joseph of Lyon,

« Called by the Spirit to follow Christ, we acknowledge Trinitarian love present throughout the world and proclaim it among ourselves and to everyone. » (Ct 3):

Rooted in the mystery of the Trinity, the Congregations of St. Joseph have as mission to « work towards the double union of people among themselves and with God » (cf. E.L. n° 29).


It is through the Eucharist, « mystery of unity and perfectly uniting » ( E.L. n°28), model and  source of our love of God and of neighbor, that helps us welcome this gift of unity, to live it among ourselves, in community and with the « dear neighbor » (E.L. n°29)

Women in relationship, in humility, listening, respecting the other, in simplicity, cordiality, we seek, wherever we are, to weave relationships and to facilitate reconciliation.


In the reality of the various countries where we are inserted, Christ grants us to live our mission of communion within the church.